Dead 2 Me is the #1 Music Video in Brazil

Tweets from South America started coming across my feed last week that talked about seeing CeCe Frey's video for "Dead 2 Me" on Brazilian television. Naturally this sparked some interest from my camp, and after a lil research and a quick brush up on Portuguese, I discovered that the video was in the Top 10 of Play TV's Ponto Pop. Less than a week later, I am happy to announce that the video has reached the top spot, getting more votes than Beyonce, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, 5 Seconds of Summer and Demi Lovato. 

You can follow the progress of CeCe's reign at the top, for now at:

NEW RELEASE: CeCe Frey - "Dead 2 Me"

Sorry for the absence as of late. I spent the last 2 months traveling and working on pre-productions for some upcoming projects including the brand new music video mentioned above! It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the debut (original) music video for CeCe Frey. I have been working closely with CeCe for over 3 years now, back when she first broke out as a solo performer and after all of her international success on The X Factor (and a few false starts to releasing new music), she finally released her debut single "Dead 2 Me" last week.

What very few people knew, is that we filmed the music video for the single just 2 days beforehand, with the intention of releasing it in less than a week. We had the pleasure of filming at the famous Brock's Auto Salvage in north St. Louis, MO, who were greatly accommodating for not only our crew, but also the large amount of extras that we had waiting all day to be in the video. The salvage yard gave us the raw and gritty backdrop that we desired to contrast the bright and poppy sound of the song. In fact, the 3 acts of the video reflect not only CeCe's style, but also the large artistic range in which she presents herself. 

The first act is very much a red herring. At first listen, one might think that the style of the song deserves a brighter, more lighthearted visual... So we were happy to oblige. Unfortunately, the lyrics of the songs are quite the contrary and borderline on dark and sinister. SO we decided to completely change directions mid stream and send the video into a nightmarish spiral of David Fincher proportions, that would make any ex-boyfriend (or girlfriend) beg for their life.

We've all been there, right?

Now for all those tweeting and complaining that the video takes a light-hearted stance on domestic violence, here's the thing... You didn't really pay attention, did you? The entire scenario is scare tactic that goes awry after CeCe's fist makes accidental contact with her boyfriend's face. No harm no foul. And what about those awkward sexual advances that he's making towards her? if anything, it seems like self defense to me. Part of the fun of filmmaking is the ability to explore certain scenarios that you would never dream of doing in real life. The thrill of being able to put your Ex back in their place, is a common fantasy for anyone who has experienced a damaging and tormented heart break. 

This is my present to you.


NEW RELEASE: Facing Infamy - "Black and White"

Finally! After almost 3 months of post-production, I am releasing the final of 3 videos that we filmed back in May. Over 8 days, my amazing team and I stormed through music videos for Midnight Hour, New Lingo and Facing Infamy. Each video had a unique sound and concept, that made it difficult to balance between days, while trying to stay focused on which was which. This final video for Facing Infamy's "Black and White" had the biggest pay off, with a concept that spanned several days of shooting and multiple locations to coordinate with crew and extras, it was easily our largest music video production since Fivefold's "Step Back."

In order to give the up and coming band a unique look for their debut video, I dug into my pit of inspiration and pulled from one of my favorite directors, John Carpenter. The title of the song immediately brought to mind the unforgettable imagery from Carpenter's film They Live, and interestingly enough, the inspiration for the song itself had a meaning that was eerily similar to that of the movie.

Facing Infamy claims that the songs is about standing up against those who try to keep you down, especially those naysayers who try to stop you from living out your dreams. In the film, underground rebels release their own television broadcasts to break through the subliminal messages of an alien race that is secretly controlling Earth and through the use of their specially engineered sunglasses, a human can finally see the world for what it really is. I decided to create an homage to the film by combining the two concepts, while eliminating the Alien element and making the band out to be a group of star-eyed rebels trying to free the world.

As another run of videos has finished, so begins a new. As I type this, I am finishing treatments for 2 new videos, as well as notes on scripts for two future film projects. My work is never finished.

Keep watching!


NEW RELEASE: Midnight Hour - "Slaves"

This past May, the metal powerhouse that is Midnight Hour, released their first EP titled "Dark Passenger." I had they hilarious opportunity of working with the band previously on their cover video for Lorde's enormous hit single, "Royals," and was dying to do a video for the guys that genuinely reflected their original sound. So after hearing an advance copy of the new EP, I jumped at the chance of doing a music video for their first single, "Slaves."

As a teenager, I was fascinated with the video styles of Mark Romanek and Floria Sigismondi, and wanted to somehow recapture that lost art of mid-90's heavy metal macabre. I chose Kyle Krupinski as my man behind the camera, he had also wanted to shoot a Nine Inch Nails/ "Perfect Drug" style video for quite some time and was eager to make something different from our previous works together. For our location we chose the genuinely haunted caverns of the historic Lemp Brewery in Downtown, St. Louis, MO. The complex has a rich history of being connected with the tragic deaths of the famous brewing dynasty, but in current times, the building is rented out and used an industrial complex for small businesses. Beneath it though, lies a vast network of tunnels that connect to the underlying caverns beneath Benton Park. 

And while the exciting thought of having real life ghosts surrounding us while shooting the video was enough to get us down there, we actually ended up walking away with a slight chance of mesothelioma. The air in the basement was heavy, and filled with asbestos, and it made it extremely difficult to breathe as the night wore on. We filmed the band in extremely uncomfortable positions, playing up the idea of they themselves being slaves to their female masters. I wanted the look of the video to come off like some sort of lost medical footage used to train nurses on how to handle their unlucky patients. To assist me in this aesthetic, was the wonderfully insane artist - Christopher James Jordan, who didn't mind going a little crazy with buckets of blood and animal parts. At one point, I had left Chris alone for over an hour to do his thing, when I walked in on him dressing a room like something out of a Hannibal Lector film. My reaction was one of grittiness and hilarity, while other crew members had to literally pick their jaws off of the floor after seeing it. 

That's all for now, watch the video, leave your comments below and enjoy!



First track released from "The Solipsist" soundtrack...

After winning "Best Use of Music" last week at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, composer Cody Michael James, has decided to release the first track from his soundtrack of original songs from "The Solipsist."

"How We Met" is considered the main theme of the film, reflecting the twisted relationship of Max and Amy over the many lifetimes that he has experienced meeting her. Now while the film will not be screening (as of now) until this November, you can listened to this song TODAY and hype yourself up for the next showing.